Richard Bands
Jannie Brooks
Gravity Cup Clinic
Brooks and Band will be sharing their knowledge in Namibia during the Grvity cup rugby series in Windhoek on the weekend of 8-9 February 2019.

Coaching Partnerships
Brooks and Band will assist any school or club with quality individual coaching of players! NOT taking over the role of the coach, but assisting to make player beter technically and conditioned.

Brooks & Bands Academy
Brooks and Band is the place to be for individual functional and position specific conditioning and technical training in all positions.

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Loftus Park,
Block B, Second Floor,
402 Kirkness Street
Arcadia, Pretoria,
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Brooks Gym
291 Main Street
Richard Bands and Jannie Brooks is on a mission to develop future Springboks, focusing on the front row. Position specific individual skills and functional conditioning forming part of this specialised program. This program is also now being extended to all other positions in the game of rugby football.

Brooks & Bands offer various service delivering options. Players are welcome to join the Brooks & Bands academy at the Brooks Gym for intensive and individual attention.

Brooks & Bands can also deliver this service at your school or club, working with a
group of your dedicated players on site. We have only a few timeslots left. Contact us
to book your slot!

The third offering is that Brooks & Band is presenting various once-off  coaching
on request. This can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

Do not hesitate to get into contact with us to see where we can be of assistance in
getting your players on a higher level of physical- and technical standard. We are
there to assist the player or coach - not to take over the coach's job!